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Fall HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tips
With fall and winter holidays quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to do some routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system. Learn how to prepare your air conditioner for a long hibernation as well as tips for waking up your heating system without any problems.
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Test your AC system now, so you stay cool when temperatures heat up later.
Most people only think about switching on their central air conditioning system when they really need it – as soon as the first hot day of the season hits. However, it really does pay to think ahead and test your cooling system early, usually in the warmer days of April or May every year.
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Warning Signs That You Need an AC Tune Up?
You most likely get a heating system tune-up every year before the winter season begins but your AC system requires the same care before summer hits, too. An AC tune-up will ensure that your system runs efficiently and effectively all summer long. If you have a service plan with your AC provider, a tune up is most likely included in your plan.
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